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  • Changing Profile / Page Name or Link will cause the immediate stop of Services which has been ordered.

New Order:

  • Please check the post/profile if it is public before placing orders. If the post/profile is private, the order will not be processed.
  • Don't place orders of the same link twice at the same time. Let first-order complete, then place the second order of the same link.
  • Support can take up to 48 hours to respond to your ticket. Usually, it takes less than 12 hours.
  • Complaints about orders older than 15 days will be ignored.
  • All prices mentioned in the panel are 1000 quantity based.
  • After placing an order, cancellation of that order will not be accepted or refunded.
  • If "Username" is mentioned on the New order page, then place the only username of the profile, not the complete profile link.

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